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Ultimate Outdoor Furniture for the Ultimate Fan Don't spend your weekends cleaning, sealing, staining, or painting your outdoor
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FCF83100-P Poly Folding Adirondack Chair
FCF83100-P Poly Standard Colors Folding Adirondack Chair (Shown in Dove Gray and Black) $339 30"w x 36"d x 38"h Made
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FCF83108-P Poly Folding End Table
FCF83108-P Poly Standard Colors Folding End Table (Shown in Cherry and Bright Cedar) $139 Made from long-lasting recycled
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FCF83113-P Settee Attachment
FCF83113-P Poly Standard Colors Settee Attachment for Senior, Cafe, and Pub Chairs (Shown in Cherry) $119 FCF83112-P Poly
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FCF83401-P Poly Classic Adirondack Chair
FCF83401-P Poly Standard Colors Classic Adirondack Chair (Shown in Premium Color Driftwood Gray) $349 Made from long-lasting
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FCF83402-P Poly Adirondack Cafe Chair
FCF83402-P Poly Standard Colors Adirondack Cafe Chair (Shown in Premium Color Antique Mahogany) $419 Seat is 24" high
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FCF83403-P Poly Senior Adirondack Chair
FCF83403-P Poly Standard Colors Senior Adirondack Chair (Shown in Weathered Wood and Black) $379 Made from long-lasting
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LUX-2APGAM 2' Adirondack Poly Glider Chair
LUX-2APG 2' Adirondack Glider Chair in Premium Woodgrain Antique Mahogany $659 Earthtone and Tropical Colors $599
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LUX-2CPGRB 2' Classic Poly Glider Chair
LUX-2CPGRB 2' Classic Poly Glider Chair in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $589 Premium Woodgrain Colors $659
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LUX-2PPGWWCBR 2' Plain Poly Glider Chair
LUX-2PPGWWCBR 2' Plain Poly Glider Chair in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $559 Premium Woodgrain Colors $
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LUX-2SAPGW 2' Adirondack Swivel Glider Chair
LUX-2SAPGW 2' Swivel Adirondack Poly Glider Chair in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $879 Premium Woodgrain 
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LUX-2SCPGWWB 2' Swivel Classic Poly Glider Chair
LUX-2SCPGWWB 2' Swivel Classic Poly Glider Chair in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $869 Premium Woodgrain 
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LUX-4APGG 4' Adirondack Poly Glider
LUX-4APGG 4' Adirondack Poly Glider in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $909 Premium Woodgrain Colors $
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LUX-4CPGWW 4' Classic Poly Glider
LUX-4CPGWW 4' Classic Poly Glider in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $849 Premium Woodgrain Colors $939
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LUX-2PPGDGS 4' Plain Poly Glider
LUX-4PPGDGS 4' Plain Poly Glider in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $829 Premium Woodgrain Colors $909
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LUX-5APGWWCBR 5' Adirondack Poly Glider
LUX-5APGWWCBR 5' Adirondack Poly Glider in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $1,109 Premium Woodgrain
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LUX-5CPGAMB 5' Classic Poly Glider
LUX-5PPGDGB 5' Classic Poly Glider in Premium Woodgrain Colors $1,149 Earthtone and Tropical Colors
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LUX-5PPGDGB 5' Plain Poly Glider
LUX-5PPGDGB 5' Plain Poly Glider in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $1,009 Premium Woodgrain Colors
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LUX-PCRWW Poly Comfort Rocker
LUX-PCRWW Poly Comfort Rocker in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $539 Premium Woodgrain Colors $589
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LUX-PGRAMB Poly Grandpa's Rocker
LUX-PGRAMB Poly Grandpa's Rocker in Premium Woodgrain Colors $489 Earthtone and Tropical Colors $449
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LUX-PPRWWCBR Poly Porch Rocker
LUX-PPRWWCBR Poly Porch Rocker in Earthtone and Tropical Colors $369 Premium Woodgrain Colors $409
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