Log Railings

An excellent way to give the outside of your house a rustic log cabin feel is by installing log railings. The only logs we use for our rails and fences are made from Northern white cedar. They’re naturally insect and rot resistant and unlike pine, are excellent for outdoor use. Our railings are all hand peeled, not the commonly found smooth factory milled rails. This gives our log railings that distinct handcrafted look.



We also sell individual posts and rails:

  Log Posts & Rails    
Item # Wood Type Dimensions Price
R3-96 White Cedar Rail 3" x 96" $35
R3-96D White Cedar Rail Drilled 3" x 96" $45
R4-96 White Cedar Rail 4" x 96" $50
R4-96D White Cedar Drilled 4" x 96" $60
NP6-48 White Cedar Post 6" x 48" $40
P6-96 White Cedar Post 6" x 96" $75
P8-48 White Cedar Post 8" x 48" $85
P8-96 White Cedar Post 8" x 96" $150
  30" WC Spindles 1 1/2" tenon $10
  27" WC Stairway Spindles 1 1/2" tenon $10

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