Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture

Whistle Stop Furniture builds custom furniture to your specifications. Using rough-sawn timber and local reclaimed barn lumber, we can create whatever you can dream. From tables to kitchen islands to desks to bookcases, we can help you design a piece to fit any type of area.

"Custom" doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Call us at 828-369-6500 or stop by our showroom and let us help you create exactly what you need.

To speed up the process, print out our custom furniture form by clicking here. Write down any pertinent measurements (like wall lengths or widths and heights of windows for items that need to be built keeping certain restrictions in mind) and sketch what you want. If you have example photos, be sure to bring those along as well.

For more information, email info@whistlestopfurniture.com.

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All of our products are fully assembled, and therefore the cost to ship is a minimum of $250-$300! More often than not, shipping costs will be more than the price of the product, so please keep this in mind before inquiring.

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