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Bring history into your home with our authentic barnwood furniture. This line is made from recycled hay barns, feed mills and old farm buildings. The original pegs and saw marks are left in to make each piece unique. Underneath some of the pieces you'll often find red or white planks used from the outsides of these buildings. The wood is painstakingly sanded, crafted into furniture and then given a multiple step finishing process to give it that "refined rustic" look.


Occasional Tables
Sofa Table 2 Shelf PPF2083 $549 End Table PPF2081 $299 Farmhouse Coffee Table PPF2078 $499 ...
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PPF2081 End Table $299
PPF2081 End Table $299 ...
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PPF2081-S End Table $279
PPF2081-S Short End Table $279 ...
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BVF151-B 1 Drawer Nightstand $459
BVF151-B 1 Drawer Nightstand $459 ...
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BVF153-B 3 Drawer Chest $1,059
BVF153-B 3 Drawer Chest $1,059 ...
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BVF154-B 4 Drawer Chest $1,269
BVF154-B 4 Drawer Chest $1,269 ...
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BVF155-B 5 Drawer Ladies Chest $1,469
BVF155-B 5 Drawer Ladies Chest $1,469 30"l x 23"w x 58"h ...
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BVF157-B 7 Drawer Dresser $1,979
BVF157-B 7 Drawer Dresser $1,979 ...
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PPF2140 Cades Cove King Bed $1,899
PPF2140 Cades Cove King Bed $1,899 Also Available PPF2130 Cades Cove Queen Bed $1,699 PPF2120
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WSF340 Riverside King Bed $1,799
WSF340 Riverside Bed $1,799 Locally crafted Custom options available Available in the following sizes
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WSF5543 Riverside 3 Drawer Nightstand
WSF5543 Riverside 3 Drawer Nightstand $499.00 22"l x 19"w x 32"h ...
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BVF2660-B 6' Farmhouse Table $1,329
BVF2660-B 6' Farmhouse Table $1,329 Rustic dining tables built from reclaimed barn wood Available in the following
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BVF2764-B 6' Bench $379
BVF2764-B 6' Bench $379 Also Available BVF2734-B 3' Bench $309 BVF2744-B 4' Bench $339
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BVF600-B-L Dining Chair w/ Leather Seat $389
BVF600-B-L Dining Chair w/ Leather Seat, 18.5”w x 21”d x 44 ¼”h, $389...
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